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  1. Reservation

a)After completing the booking, youwill receive an e-mail with all the information you have given and in the staus field “pending”. This means that the booking is not complete and payment is pending. As soon as you make payment a new booking confirmation will be sent within 24 hours where the status field will be “Accepted”. A booking is valid only if you have an “accepted” confirmation e-mail. You as a  clienthas the responsible to inform us if he has not receiveda confirmation e-mail, as well as if the booking details are incorrect. There is no refund to the customer if the booking details are incorrect (e.g., flight number, arrival time, date).

b)AllCancellation or change of the booking details should always be done in writing by e-mail, we do not accept changes via (viber, whats up or any other social media). If you wish to cancel your reservation, you are entitled to do so before 24 hours of your transfer (date and time) and the amount you have paid will be refunded to you as soon as possible maximum 30 days. In any other case less than 24 hours before the transfer, the amount you have paid will not be refunded.

  1. ARRIVALStandby time
  2. a) Allflights and ships are monitored for any delays to ensure the driver he will wait for you when you arrive. The prices for all destinations include all charges, including the waiting time after arrival.
  3. b) As regarding airport and ports, there is a maximum waiting time of 45 minutes, after arrival of the airplane or the ship. If for some reason you delay more from 45 minutes, you must inform the driver to wait. In this case we will charge you 10€ for every half hour delay. If the passengers do not appear after 45 minutes the driver will leave and transfer will be cancelled, in this case the amount you have paid will not be refunded.

c)If your flight has a delay we have the right to be at the airport to pick you up after 60 minutes due to re-arranging of our fleet, in any case as soon as you arrive please call +306936656126 to arrange exact pick up time.

  1. DEPARTURE Standby time
  2. a) The driver will wait for the passengersup to 10 minutes of the scheduled pick-up time.After 10 minutes if the passengers do not appear the driver has the right to leave and transfer is considered done.In this case the amount you have paid will not be refunded.
  3. b) The driver will find you with your name when making the booking . If he does not know your name, it’s not your transfer. Please be careful, if you board a wrong transfer there is no refund.
  5. a) Prices quoted are per vehicle not per person.Each vehiclecarriesamaximum of4-8-16 passengersand 4-8-16 suitcases25 kg each.In the event that an extra vehicle is needed in the instance of excessive or oversized luggage, additional passengers, etc additional charge for an extra vehicle will apply upon agreement at that time.
  6. b) It is strictly forbidden to carry or use alcohol, drugs, illegal substances etc thus smoking is not allowed too. The driver has the right to refuse transfer if it comes to his attention that the client is under the influence of alcohol or drugs or their behavior is going to cause problems and will be a threat to the safety of the driver or other passengers.
  7. c) Pets are not allowed without prior notice and aproval.
  9. a) Van-com cannot be held responsible for any claims exceeding the amount paid by the customer. In the unlikely event that the service is not delivered, the customer might only be entitled to compensation up to the amount that has already been paid.
  11. a) Taxi-rhodes.com is not liable during the transfer in the case of an accident caused physical and mental damage, or loss and damage of luggage, the liability lies exclusively with the participating vehicles.
  12. b) In case of using the child seat the client has full responsibility of checking that it is securely placed and safe for the child.

Taxi-rhodes.com holds all rights to adjust and change the terms and conditions at any time. The use of this service will always conform to the most recent terms and conditions displayed on line.