How is the booking process?

The Booking Process is very simple and the system will lead you through all the steps. Within 24 hours of your booking you will receive a Booking confirmation mail.However if you do not receive the Booking confirmation mail please double check your spam folder or e-mail if it was correctly written. Sometimes booking confirmation mails occasionally are delivered there due to spam filters. Feel free to request a new booking confirmation mail by mailing us Without a booking confirmation the booking is not valid .

Are the prices per vehicle?

All prices are per vehicle for the designated destination. We have vehicles carrying from 1 to 4 passengers maximum,vehicles carrying from 1 to 8 passengers maximum, and vehicles carrying from 1 to 16 passengers maximum. In case you are more than 4 passengers then automatically you will need to make a booking for the next category and so on for more than 8 passengers. Please keep in mind children are also considered passengers and any babys in arms are your personal responsibility and we keep the right to reject the transfer if the number of passenger exceeds the chosen category of vehicle.

How about children?

Children are considered passengers. Order a vehicle always considering this and the safety of your children. For this reason we supply upon request only child seats and your driver will install them. Child seats are an additional service and when going through the process you will see the cost of them. Placing and securing the child in the child seat is your responsibility. We will supply certified European standard child seats, we cannot offer specific child seats.

How much luggage can I have?

All vehicles are according to the vehicle capacity. For each passenger a normal size suitcase up to (25kgs) and a small bag up to (7kgs).  If you have more suitcases, please indicate this in comments field.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

All changes and cancellation of bookings must be made only by mail.  If want to cancel a booking before 24 hours from the date and time of arrival or departure then we refund fully the amount paid to us minus all charges made by our banks. All refunds will be made within 5 days by us, we do not have responsibility of charges and delays from your banks. In any other case less than 24 hours all payments made to the company are non-refundable.

What happens if I cant pay with my credit card?

In the case that your credit card is declined by system, please try a  second time or another card. If this insists please contact so that we can resolve the problem with other forms of payment

What time do I put for my departure ?

If you are going to the airport, subtract from the departure time (specified in your ticket) 2 hours and duration of the trip to the airport ( the transfer time you can see in prices list and in the booking form ).
For example: the flight departure time is 13:00, duration of the trip to the airport is 1 hour, proposed pick up time is 10:00.For a transfer from the airport please provide your arrival time according to your ticket.